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Welcome to the UW-Madison Botany Greenhouse. The greenhouse consists of eight rooms, encompassing 8,000 square feet, and features more than 1,000 species comprising of distinct aquatic, desert, and tropical communities.

Teaching Collections

The Department of Botany and other university departments make extensive use of the greenhouse. This working facility, permits UW faculty and students to undertake a variety of teaching and research projects in plant geography, physiology, anatomy, ecology, taxonomy and other related areas. In addition to meeting essential teaching and research interests, the greenhouse is an aesthetic resource for students and the community.

 Plant Systematic
 Plant Geography - Tours
 Aquatic Plants
 Carnivorous Plants
 Economic Plants: Dye Plants, Medicinal Plants, Edible Plants, Fiber plants, Spice Plants
 The Agents of Evolution - Pollination Syndromes: Bat, Bee, Beetle, Bird, Butterfly, Fly, Moth, Snail& Slug, Water and Wind
 The Agents of Evolution - Symbiotic Relationship: Plants & Ants