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Credits & Thanks

I would like to take this opportunity to thank many people for their professional talents and any role which they played in the remodeling and development of the UW Botany Greenhouse. I am delighted in that the State of Wisconsin Department of Administration Division of State Facilities accepted my proposal to fund the remodeling of the Botany Greenhouse. There are many other that have made the greenhouse remodeling possible, including:

· College of Letter and Science;Especially Dr. Gary Sandefur and Christopher J. Bruhn.

· UW-Botany Department; Ken Sytsma, Ray Evert, Donna Fernandez, Tom Sharkey, Edgar Spalding, Tom Givnish, Joy Zedler, David Baum, Tim Allen, Hugh H. Iltis, Robert Kowal, Kandis Elliot, Claudia Lipke, Ted Cochrane, Mike Clayton, Mark Wetter, Barb Erlenborn, Cara Streekstra, Mary Bauschelt, Jim Adams, Patricia Wirth, Sue Bader, Loraine Pilgrim, Janice Faust, Jeff Volgtschaller and Thomas Maher.

· Department of Administration Division of State Facilities (DFS); Jon Jenson, Hoyt Halverson, Penny Olson, Eric Pederson and Tim Stratton.

· UW Madison Facilities Planning & Management (FPM) and Physical Plant. Cindy Statz and Framarz Vakily.

· Howard Design, Inc.; Ron Howard.

· Ornes Engineering;Ed Ornes.

· Bacmann Construction, Bob Crofoot

· Forward Electic;Mark Loeffelholz & Jeremy Laufenberg

. H & H Industries ;Brett Ogorzalek

. Argus Controls;Jeff Neff

. Ludiy Greenhouse Manufacturing Corporation;Walt Poetsch.

. Taher Brandon Fayyaz for his assistance in developing, editing and construction of this web page.

The Greenhouse is an important resource for both teaching and research by faculty, staff and students. It also provides an area for leisure where examples of plants from around the world demonstrate the diversity and beauty of the Plant Kingdom. Again, I wish to reiterate how important your contribution to the project has been.


Mohammad Mehdi Fayyaz, Ph.D.

Director, Greenhouses and Botanical Garden