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Garden Arts

Description of Susan Falkman's Sculpture

Her sculpture, "Essence" is in three parts; The Seed, The Flower, The Fruit, and is a manifestation of the life force. This series highlights and honors the "trinity" of the plant kingdom. It has been carved from stone, limestone our bedrock that supports and contributes to the creation of the soil that, in turn, supports plant life.

Art funding was given by Wisconsin Percent For Art Program (http://arts.state.wi.us/static/percent/percent.htm).

 The Seed, is emerging from the "rob" of the earth, caught at the dynamic moment when it pulls itself from the earth into the light, opening as a chrysalis to reveal the tender winged leaves.


 The Flower, manifests the art and science of "allure". Sited near the Magnolia family (Magnoliaceae) in the garden, is a rendering in limestone of bisected Magnolia solangiana . From the petal view the flower appears to be held by fingers.


 The Fruit, sited near the Newton Apple Tree, is an apple. It is the symbolic fruit where the seed is developed and carried. In this sculpture the seed is revealed in its core. The form is of an apple but also can be seen as a female torso from one vantage point and as the back of a seated figure from another.